A unique variety of ​​​​​​​industrial furniture and decorations for an optic store.
Located at the south of Israel, there's an 'out of the ordinary' optic store. The main idea of this store was creating two different spaces, the first refers to an European train station and the second combines a construction site with an industrial look. All the metal work in the store (on top of some other items) was custom made for this store only. Some of the items I designed and shown in the picture are the 1.5-ton truss ceiling, the metal pillars (with the big clock), the heavy metal arcs on the hallway, 220 sqm of Belgian windows around the store, a 5 meters tall bathroom doors, an electrical cabinet, the scaffolding shelves and many other more. Although its big scale, the smallest details also got the right attention, whether if it's the doors handles, the window knobs or the screws on the different items. contractor: KneKash

Photos: Uria Sayag

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